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Elgendy for Import – Export has been founded in year 2005 by engineer /Magdy elgendy who emerged it from elgendy company group which was known Misr Company which established in year 1960 and this group changed to Egyptian Joint Stock Company in year 1998.
The activity of it was lathing and grinding motor and the renewal of factory production lines and emerged from these Elgendy for Import – Export in year 2005 When we began to strongly compete with companies similar to us in the Egyptian market and we succeeded in our international exhibitions and in gaining the confidence of the Egyptian market in this short period and from follow-up from monitoring the client before and after purchase and after sales service, which the company has succeeded largely as a result of this has saddened the trust the client, as well as resource we are in such a short period and agents for both of:
  1. SERDI Machines (FRANCE .MADE) famous for all types of cylinder heads
    and workshops – valve seat machining, tolling and accessories.
  2. Hidroliksan (Turkey):famous for hydraulic workshops press.
  3. Tecnomotor (Italy): famous for Socio and Air Conditioning products.
  4. And with several company for workshop and maintenance industry all kinds
    of tires.
2005 / 1960 1998 2005 :
  1. 2008 .
  2. ) (( C TYPE ,H TYPE,4 TYPE,…..). .
  3.  TECNOMOTOR . .
  4. .